5 Fall Shoe Styles for Queer Women

Fall is just around the corner, and you know what that means! It’s time for all queer women to pull out their best beanie and flannel and wear them for the rest of the season. We all know that flannels and beanies are the standard pieces in queer fall fashion. Yet sometimes, we forget to talk about the shoes that are the cherry on top of a gay ensemble. Here are some of our picks for must-have shoes this fall:


@Birkenstock IG

Not only are these the ultimate comfort shoe, but they are also the quintessential queer women’s wear sported in the streets in one of our motherlands—North Hampton, Massachusetts. Grab a hemp skirt (or in our case hemp knee length shorts) and ten of your vegetarian friends and ride on down to the nearest shoe store to try on a pair of these bad boys. In all seriousness, Birkenstocks are a queer staple. This is probably due to queer women’s preference to value comfort and utility over aesthetics. After all, you can’t transport all of your camping equipment in heels. A Birkenstock hugs your foot and supports you just like your girlfriend should—consistently and for years on end. They are a great shoe for the fall because you can wear them on a warmer day and feel nice and cool, or you can wear them with socks on a more crisp day.

Extra Tip- For those who are new Birkenstock owners or are considering buying a pair, you should know if you wear down the soles of your shoes quickly, there is an affordable fix. Send your worn down shoes to Birkenstock and they will resole them for you for a great price! This way, you get to keep the broken in straps and original leather.

Doc Martens

@drmartensofficial IG

In recent years, there has been some overlap between queer and straight women style. Now, straight women blend in and walk among us—much like the aliens did in Men in Black. The flannel and beanie were the first fallen soldiers, but recently straight women have also adopted Doc Martens. And although we must mourn for another lost sexuality indicator, they will forever remain part of our queer culture. There is no better way to stomp on the patriarchy than with a pair of Doc Marten combat boots. These are your highly functional dress-it-up dress-it-down boots. They are the cockroaches of shoes, meaning that are so well-made they would survive a nuclear blast. Bound to out-last your Toms, Rocket Dogs, and bargain basement knock-offs, these boots are for the edgier driven lesbian who is ready to plunge deep into the depths of social activism (but let’s face it, at this point in time aren’t we all?). If social activism is not for you, buy a pair anyway. Once they break in your will never want to put anything else on your feet.


@converse IG

All of the badass queer greats have worn Converse at one point or another. Ellen Degeneres, Tegan and Sara, Ellen Page, and Kristen Stewart have all worn this super versatile flat-soled sneaker.  Now I know what you might be thinking—don’t all women wear Converse? And the answer is yes, they do. The difference is the way in which queer women wear them and to what occasions. Your average straight girl may wear them for a casual stroll in the mall or to yoga with her friends, but queer women take Converse to a whole new level. To queer women, they are a dress shoe. Do you have a semi-formal trendy social event to go to? Throw on a pair of Converse, a nice pair of pants, a button down,  and a sweater over that and you are ready to go. Going to a bar with your friends? Put on a pair of black jeans, a cutoff tank top, an oversized jacket and yes, you guessed it—a pair of Converse. These sneakers allow for endless combinations for any degree of dressiness. They go with almost anything and while others are in heels, you’re comfortable killing it on the dance floor in your sensible sneaks.

Desert Boots

Desert boots are yet another classic piece in your queer wardrobe. Clarks are the classic desert boot, and most commonly recommended for those who have never had a pair before. A Clark’s desert boot is durable, high quality, and the gum sole makes them very comfortable. They also come in a array of different colors ranging from green to the more practical and versatile taupe suede. These boots are truly  utility shoe that can be worn with suits, chinos, or jeans. Desert boots are for the intellectual lesbian who dwells in coffee shops mulling over newspapers, attends poetry slams, and occasionally dabbles in craft beer homebrewing. She wears black-framed RayBan glasses, and combats misogyny with deep feminist philosophy.

Oxford Shoes

Grenson “Martha” Oxfords

There really is nothing like a beautiful leather oxford shoe. The intricacy of the wing tip design, that new shoe smell, and the way the material molds to your foot will make you want to take a fine lady out ballroom dancing. These shoes are a through and through class act. Even if you don’t feel classy you will most definitely look it. A pair of oxfords can make chinos look elegant, a skirt look retro, and a suit look amazingly sharp. Wearing a pair of oxfords lets people know that you mean business, you emulate confidence, and that you are a professional. They are perfect to wear for pre-game dress before your next rugby match, to work on a daily basis, or to a formal outing.

Did we miss anything? Let us know about your favorite fall shoe fashion and leave a comment in the section below! We would love to hear what your favorite brands of these shoes are, and if there are any up and coming brands that you can recommend!