5 Reasons Why The Carmilla Movie Sex Scene Was Everything

The Carmilla Movie dropped online Thursday for fans to watch, but that was not the only thing that was dropped that day—Victorian corsets, dress slips, sarcastic yet seductive movie lines, jaws—all during an incredible bedroom scene in which Carmilla and Laura get a bit “distracted” before attending a ghost-hosted ball. The best phrase that accurately sums up every woman who loves women’s sentiments after watching that scene is, “holy shit.” Here are the reasons why the Carmilla Movie’s sex scene was “holy shit-worthy”:

1) Queer Intimacy for Queer Women

For the longest time it’s been the same old adage—mainstream media depicting queer women’s relationships and, more specifically, queer women’s intimate relationships inaccurately. Often, sex between two queer women is hyper sexualized for the entertainment of straight men. Well, horrible age-old queer stereotypes, step aside! Accurate representation of queer relationships is the new sheriff in town.

The sex scene between Carmilla and Laura was sensual, loving, intimate, and so much more. In addition to the almost tangible sexual magnetism between the two characters, there was closeness—handholding, caressing, eye-contact, teasing, laughing and smiling at each other during sex—everything that could make your little gay heart burst was encapsulated in a four minute scene. Both Carmilla stars, Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman, accurately portrayed what sex between two women is actually like (for those of you who are still wondering).

2) It Was Relatable

Another fantastic thing about watching Carmilla and Laura have sex was that the intimacy between the vampire and her tiny journalist girlfriend was realistic and relatable. Although the movie is set in a universe in which vampires walk amongst humans and angler fish gods lurk in university caverns, the scene showed some of the not-so-perfect parts of sex that queer women experience in real life. How many times have you had to brush the hair out of your face after going down on a girl and wipe your mouth before you kiss her? If you’re not a pillow princess, probably every single time you and your partner get intimate. 

3) Chemistry

From the very beginning of the Carmilla web series, both Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman had magnetic chemistry—the movie was no different. Often, people who are picked to represent queer characters are just two straight actors skittishly holding hands or sharing a sheepish kiss here and there to appease (or shall we say bait) the desperate queer community starved for content. However, in the Carmilla Movie, the actors gel, and the audience can actually believe that their characters are in a committed relationship. This chemistry stems from their ability to play off their characters’ quirks and differences—a quintessential opposites attract dynamic. Laura is a peppy, optimistic, relentless, do-gooder who is committed to her morals and her friends. Carmilla is a brooding, troubled ex-vampire who has difficulty expressing her emotions and admitting her feelings. As the sex scene takes place, we see their personalities play out in the bedroom as well. Laura playfully teases Carmilla with an almost kiss and then moves to the bed. Carmilla smirks and follows her, the intensity growing on her face. I’m biting my finger just thinking about it.

4) Camera Shots 

One of the best things about this sex scene is that it’s not shot like a fetishized porno. The camera is not focused on sexualized body parts; there are no bare boobs or butts visible. Instead, the camera follows the actors’ hands up and down skin. It focuses on the intimacy of the act without de-emphasizing the sexiness of the scene; it invokes the queer woman’s gaze, not the straight man’s.

5) Soundtrack

The song that plays during the sex scene is “Explode” by Uh Huh Her, and it should be everyone’s go-to sex song. It’s not the traditionally slow, touchy-feely, baby-making Jeremih track that makes everything go in slow motion. Rather, it’s a more upbeat tune that revs you up to the point where you feel like you’re about to have the sex. From the sensual lyrics to the alluring electronic hum, the song choice is the final element in the Carmilla Movie sex scene that ties together the excitement of the relationship, their sexual intimacy, and the dire situation at hand. The music entices you, draws you in, and gets your heart pumping—exactly what should happen when you’re having sex. Well played, Carmilla friends, well played.

What did you think was the best part about the Carmilla Movie sex scene? Do you agree with these five points, or was there something else about the scene that really did it for you? Let us know in the comments below!