If You’re Curious, Hayley Kiyoko is Serious About #20gayteen

Well, Hayley Kiyoko has done it once again! Her latest music video, “Curious”, dropped January 11 to kick off the year that Hayley has deemed #20gayteen. Since then, the queer women’s community has been set ablaze with excitement. Somehow, Kiyoko has managed to give us everything we want in one four-minute video: a catchy song, relatable, honest lyrics, and nuanced scenes full of tension, angst, and sensuality between two women.

For those of you who have yet to watch the video or listen to the song, “Curious” is about Hayley’s relationship with a woman who has been playing games. In the video, Ali (Hayley’s love interest) has been flirting with Hayley while dating someone else. She has been leading Hayley on and going back and forth with their relationship, but she very obviously wants to be with her in some capacity. From the moment they lock eyes at the party, you can tell that Hayley is done with their relationship and the rest of Ali’s time is spent trying to regain Hayley’s interest. The best part is that she does—at least, for one sexually-charged moment in a bathroom—only to be left alone afterwards with Hayley’s haunting question: “I’m just curious, is it serious?”

One of the things that makes this video particularly delicious is not the montage of scantily-clad women touching Hayley’s chest (although those shots are amazing as well), but rather the way the video builds a tangible sense of jealously and sexual tension between these women. Hayley also shows an incredible level of coolness, even when she finds out that her ex-girlfriend is dating the most basic white man in existence (he probably also has a super douche name like Chad). She knows her self-worth, and so she lets Ali touch her waist and lead her to the bathroom, only to leave her disappointed and wanting. She makes you wish that you had handled your last break-up with that amount of confidence and self-love.

Image: Atlantic Records, Hayley Kiyoko’s “Expections”

“Curious” is the first single off of Hayley Kiyoko’s debut album, Expectations, which will be released this spring; if the rest of the album is anything like its first single, we are all in trouble. Until then, watch “Curious” every night before you go to bed, and keep an eye out for a follow-up article when Hayley Kiyoko’s album is released! #20gayteen is off to a seriously good start.