Awkward and Out was created to explore the full experience of the woman and more specifically the LGBTQ+ woman in the modern age. Now more than ever, it is becoming increasingly important to listen to women’s voices so that we are able to better understand the experiences of every woman at every beautifully diverse intersection. Awkward and Out is feminist, it is critical, it is at times comical, it is very gay,  but most importantly, it aims to create an open dialogue for the future of all women.

The name Awkward and Out came about in a culmination of ways. The site’s creator Lauren Francesca Vella came up with the name because it referred to the attributes with which she would describe her own experience as a woman: awkward, and out of the closet. However, the name also describes the ways in which confronting feminist and LGBT issues can be uncomfortable, yet necessary to expose  or “out” the truth and forge a path ever forward toward equality.